Since 1993, we have been supplying the U.S. market with a broad range of products under our own label as well as OEM works according to customer requirements. Our unparalleled customer service, attractive products, and competitive prices are the essential elements that differentiate us from our competitors.

Our product lines include plastic, aluminum and sponge products for retail and food service industries. Our products are produced in our factory in China with the state-of-the-art equipment and high quality-control standards. Our factory is highly adaptable to the changing needs of the market and our customers by applying the latest technologies to the plastic extrusion and blow molding manufacturing processes. Superior technology, combined with many years of experience in the American retail and food service industry, ensure that our products are produced according to our customers’ specifications every step of the way, from mold creation to product packaging. Given our experience in the industry and excellent manufacturing efficiency, our production capacity has increased dramatically over the years, which has enabled us to fulfill large quantity orders from various customers. In order to fulfill the most stringent requirements by our most demanding customers and to ensure timely door-to-door services, we have established a flexible sales channel, which includes sufficient production capabilities, our own import and export office in China, a freight-forwarder and a custom broker with well-established business relationship.