GAiC 3PL Services

GAIC can offer Standard 3PL Provider activities for your products from Southeast Asia (China / Hong Kong) to U.S.A.). GAIC has extensive experience in logistical planning for valuable goods as we have been handling our own merchandise since 1993. We can handle end to end logistics from pre-inspection all the way to delivery to your destination and even end customers in the U.S.


We move products quickly and efficiently. Shipping your products from Southeast Asia (China / Hong Kong) to the U.S.A.) should a be a smooth experience for everyone. Unfortunately, we have heard of many customers who encountered challenges due to overlooking important details or used 3PL providers who were not experienced. At GAIC, we will leverage our experienced staff and tested process to ensure the timely release and delivery of your product. Our services include:

  • – Factory Audit
  • – Pre-inspection
  • – Transport goods from manufacturer or factory to port of origin
  • – Air or sea freight to U.S.A.
  • – Clearing of customs
  • – Transport from port of destination to GAIC or destination of choice

GAIC has warehouses in Los Angeles and Chicago with competitive rates that are extremely competitive and well below Amazon’s 2018 rates. Storing your products in our warehouse gives you flexibility in terms of length of storage and space. Our services include:

  • – Unloading goods from container
  • – Pallet or inventory verification
  • – Basic cargo split and store
  • – Prep and arrange for forwarding
  • – Storage tracking
Amazon FBA Prep Services:

As the landscape changes for FBA customers, we can alleviate some challenges to remain competitive in the FBA arena. Many suppliers in China offer FBA prep but any mistake can be very costly. We offer Amazon FBA Prep services to assure your products are prepared in the right way so that it would be processed without delay. We can receive your goods from manufacturers, Taobao, Alibaba, and prepare them for FBA. We follow all FBA guidelines to ensure your items are accepted and uploaded to FBA.

  • – Individual package FNSKU labeling
  • – Suffocation Stickers
  • – Polybag
  • – Crate labeling
  • – Packaging where required
  • – Preparing shipment for Amazon distribution center
  • – Basic re-arranging of packages
  • – Coordination of courier to Amazon distribution center
  • – RMA processing
Fulfillment Services

We also offer fulfillment services as an alternative to Amazon FBA and eBay sellers. As prices for storage and processing increases for FBA, merchants are looking for alternative ways to fulfill their products. If you are looking for an alternative to FBA or are still shipping from China, consider our fulfillment services. We have Chinese speaking staff who can use your inventory and fulfillment software to process your orders. We have daily pickups by USPS, UPS, and FedEx at our facility. We offer the following fulfillment services:

  • – Unloading goods from container
  • – Quality check
  • – Inventory figure check
  • – Data entry into fulfillment and software
  • – Pick and pack
  • – Prep for USPS, Fedex, or UPS
  • – RMA processing